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Auditing Company Auditor Ltd.

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Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, all of them working in fields of audit and audit related services for many years – in fact from the very beginning of the implementation and introduction of IAS in the region. Besides the fact that they have significant experience in the practice, some of them are recognized university professors of accountant and auditing as well.

Maturing side by side with experienced professional, now arrive to the forefront the young cadres. Every one of them was systematically selected from among the top students of their faculties. Their organized vocational training is regarded as deeply important, both in terms of practical internal training, and in terms of preparation for taking and acquiring professional titles, and most of all, the training to adequately meet the needs imposed by the professional practice and client requirements. At the same time, they are graduate or PhD students at prestigious universities, in the areas of accounting, auditing and finance. . They represent the future of the company, and our most profitable investment.

In addition to economic experts, in Auditor are engaged legal professionals and IT specialists, as well as court appointed experts in all fields (economics, construction, technologies, mechanical engineering, transportation, arts, etc.).

All those who are directly engaged in the auditing process, have high level of knowledge in the area of local and international accounting practices (regarding implementation of IAS and IFRS). Our audit approach is fully compliant with the requirements of International Standards on Auditing (ISA), issued by the International Auditing Standards Board (IAASB), the Law on Accounting and auditing, and the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued by IFAC.


Strong in personnel – a fact!

In our audit firm the number of employees is constantly increasing. Given the staffing ability, we are licensed to conduct audits of all legal entities that are required by law to have their financial statements audited by a licensed independent company.

General Manager, owner

Zoran Djerkovic, PhD, is a certified auditor with extensive experience in auditing services, valuation of capital and privatization. In his prolific professional career Professor Djerkovic wrote a considerable number of books and was a leader of hundreds of studies and projects in fields of auditing, accounting, financial analysis and valuation of businesses and property transformation. He has the highest scientific (scientific advisor), and teaching positions (full-time university professor). Currently, he is engaged as a full-time professor at the Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance - Belgrade Banking Academy, Department of Accounting and Finance and at the Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade - Zemun, courses “financial accounting”, “audit and controlling” and “special balances”.

Auditing Company Auditor Ltd. was established on Vidovdan, June 28, 1999.

Owner and general manager of the company is Zoran Djerkovic, PhD.

Our main activities are: accounting and bookkeeping services, control and tax advisory activities and other consulting services in the field of economics and law.

We perform our services on the basis of the Decision of Federal Ministry of Finance of the FRY and the Decision of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia.

Our clients

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